Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Regional Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Transport Sector Strategy Study Consultant's Reports Dec 2008
Papua New Guinea Framework Financing Agreement
Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Program - Project 1
Agreements Dec 2008
Regional TA Completion Reports
Formulating and Implementing an Intergovernmental Agreement of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States on Facilitation of International Road Transport
Completion Reports Nov 2008
Pakistan Project/Program Completion Reports
Road Sector Development Program
Completion Reports Oct 2008
China, People's Republic of Enhancing the Competitiveness and Efficiency of Railway Passenger Operations Project Technical Assistance Reports Oct 2008
Marshall Islands Project/Program Completion Reports
Outer Island Transport Infrastructure Project
Completion Reports Sep 2008
Solomon Islands TA Completion Reports
Implementation of Interisland Transport Reforms
Completion Reports Sep 2008
Kyrgyz Republic TA Completion Reports
Improving Road Maintenance and Strengthening the Transport Corridor Management Department
Completion Reports Sep 2008
Palau Facility for Economic and Infrastructure Management: Privatization and Corporatization Options for Palau National Communications Corporation Consultant's Reports Sep 2008
Timor-Leste Preparing the Road Network Development Project (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Technical Assistance Reports Jul 2008
Regional TA Completion Reports
Pacific Regional Transport Analysis
Completion Reports Jul 2008
Tajikistan TA Completion Reports
Strengthening Implementation of Road Maintenance
Completion Reports Jun 2008
Papua New Guinea Project/Program Agreement
Project Agreement for Lae Port Development Project between Asian Development Bank and the Independent Public Business Corporation dated 12 June 2008
Agreements Jun 2008
Solomon Islands Implementation of Interisland Transport Reforms Consultant's Reports Mar 2008
Timor-Leste TA Completion Reports
Transport Sector Improvement
Completion Reports Mar 2008
Afghanistan TA Completion Reports
Capacity Strengthening of the Civil Aviation Sector
Completion Reports Mar 2008
Nepal TA Completion Reports
Enhancing Poverty Reduction Impact of Road Projects
Completion Reports Mar 2008
Bangladesh Chittagong Port Efficiency Improvement Project Consultant's Reports Mar 2008
India Loan Agreement (Ordinary Resources)
Loan agreement for Rural Roads Sector II Investment Program - Project 2 between India and Asian development bank dated 28 March 2008
Agreements Mar 2008
Papua New Guinea Lae Port Development Project Project/Program Administration Manual Feb 2008
Tajikistan Road Rehabilitation Project Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports Jan 2008
Bangladesh Emergency Disaster Damage Rehabilitation (Sector) Project Reports and Recommendations of the President Jan 2008