Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Bangladesh Development of a National Involuntary Resettlement Policy (Phase I) Consultant's Reports Dec 2009
Bangladesh Loan Agreement (Special Operations)
Loan Agreement for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development Project between People's Republic of Bangladesh and Asian Development Bank dated 12 October 2009
Agreements Sep 2009
Bangladesh Public Expenditure Support Facility Program and Countercyclical Support Facility Support Program Reports and Recommendations of the President Sep 2009
Bangladesh Preparing the Gas Sector Development Program Consultant's Reports Apr 2009
Bangladesh Urban Public and Environmental Health Sector Development Program: Draft Design and Monitoring Framework Design and Monitoring Frameworks Apr 2009
Bangladesh Extended Annual Review Reports
Equity Investment in Central Depository Project
Completion Reports Mar 2009
Bangladesh Loan Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements
Emergency Disaster Damage Rehabilitation (Sector) Project
Change in Scope, Amount, and Implementation Arrangements Feb 2009
Bangladesh TA Completion Reports
Corporatization of the Dhaka Electric Supply Authority
Completion Reports Feb 2009