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Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Power Grid Development Project Concept Papers Feb 2011
Afghanistan Community-Based Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development: Concept Papers Concept Papers Jan 2011
Philippines Mitigation of Climate Change Through Increased Energy Efficiency and the Use of Clean Energy Concept Papers Dec 2010
Viet Nam Upper Secondary Education Development Project II Concept Papers Dec 2010
Cambodia Provincial Roads Improvement Project Concept Papers Nov 2010
Viet Nam Power Transmission Investment Program (MFF) Concept Papers Nov 2010
China, People's Republic of Jiangxi Fuzhou Urban Integrated Infrastructure Improvement Concept Papers Sep 2010
Nepal Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project II Concept Papers Aug 2010
China, People's Republic of
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Viet Nam
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Viet Nam
Greater Mekong Sub Region: Capacity Building for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Concept Papers Aug 2010
Lao People's Democratic Republic Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement Project Concept Papers Jul 2010
Lao People's Democratic Republic Basic Education Sector Development Program II Concept Papers Jun 2010
Tajikistan CAREC Corridor 3 (Dushanbe-Uzbekistan Border) Improvement Project Concept Papers Jun 2010
Cambodia Support for Financial Sector Program Cluster 3 Concept Papers Apr 2010
Viet Nam Comprehensive Socioeconomic Urban Development Project - Viet Tri Concept Papers Mar 2010
China, People's Republic of Yunnan Integrated Road Network Development Project Concept Papers Mar 2010
Viet Nam Preparing the Microfinance Sector Development Program Concept Papers Feb 2010
Bangladesh Teaching Quality Improvement II in Secondary Education (TQI II) Concept Papers Dec 2009
Bangladesh Preparing the Second Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Concept Papers Dec 2009
Viet Nam Northern Chu and Southern Ma Rivers Irrigation System Concept Papers Dec 2009
Nepal Road Connectivity Project: Project Preparatory Technical Assistance Concept Paper Concept Papers Dec 2009
Indonesia Polytechnic Development Project Concept Papers Dec 2009
China, People's Republic of Xi'an Urban Road Network Project Concept Papers Nov 2009
China, People's Republic of Hunan Xiangjiang Inland Waterway Project Concept Papers Nov 2009
Indonesia Flood Management in Selected River Basins (Phase II) Concept Papers Oct 2009
China, People's Republic of Inner Mongolia Road Development Project Concept Papers Oct 2009