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Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Lao People's Democratic Republic Enhancing Financial Sector Supervision: Final Report Consultant's Reports Aug 2011
Regional Development of Prudential and Supervision Standards for Islamic Financial Markets: Final Report Consultant's Reports Apr 2011
Regional Preparing the Second Northern Greater Mekong Subregion Transport Network Improvement Project Consultant's Reports Dec 2010
Regional Trade Sector Finance Facilitation Program: Report on findings of ICC-ADB Register on Trade & Finance Consultant's Reports Sep 2010
Tonga Support to the Implementation of the Strategic Development Plan 2006/07 - 2008/09 Consultant's Reports Jun 2009
Regional Risk Management and Asset and Liability Management in Banks Consultant's Reports Feb 2009
Philippines Government Owned and Controlled Corporations Reform (GOCC) Consultant's Reports Dec 2008
Nepal Knowledge Transfer for Public Procurement Consultant's Reports Jul 2008
Regional Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre Consultant's Reports Jun 2008
Mongolia Strengthening the Pension System (Cofinanced by the Government of Luxembourg) Consultant's Reports May 2008
Pakistan Strengthening Secured Transactions: Secured Transactions Registry Business & System Design Report Consultant's Reports May 2008
Papua New Guinea Support for Public Expenditure Review and Rationalization (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Apr 2008
Viet Nam Support for Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Decree Consultant's Reports Mar 2008
Indonesia Support for Infrastructure Development Consultant's Reports Jan 2008
Micronesia, Federated States of Implementation of the Public Sector Capacity Building Road Map II Consultant's Reports Jan 2008
Regional Development of Catastrophe Risk Insurance Mechanisms (Financed by the Poverty Reduction Cooperation Fund) Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
Bangladesh Financial Markets Governance Program (Financed by the ADB's TA funding program) Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
India Demutualization and Consolidation of Indian Stock Exchanges Consultant's Reports Jul 2007
Sri Lanka Implementing Products and Services for the Domestic Debt Market (Cofinanced by the Government of Sweden) Consultant's Reports Jun 2007
Bhutan Strengthening of the Payment and Settlement System Consultant's Reports Feb 2007
Regional Making Resource Allocation Pro-Poor and Participatory in the Pacific Consultant's Reports Feb 2007
India Facilitating Public Private Partnership for Accelerated Infrastructure Development in India Consultant's Reports Dec 2006
Mongolia Establishing an Effective Anti-Money Laundering Regime (Cofinanced by the Government of Spain) Consultant's Reports Dec 2006
Cambodia Restructuring of the Railway in Cambodia Consultant's Reports Apr 2006
Indonesia Financing Integrated Settlements Development Project Consultant's Reports Mar 2006