Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
India Progress Reports on Tranche Releases
Rural Cooperative Credit Restructuring and Development Program (December 2010)
Progress Reports Dec 2010
Philippines Project/Program Completion Reports
Development Policy Support Program Cluster
Completion Reports Dec 2010
Regional Preparing the Second Northern Greater Mekong Subregion Transport Network Improvement Project Consultant's Reports Dec 2010
Nepal Loan Agreement (Special Operations)
Loan Agreement (Special Operations) for Rural Finance Sector Development Cluster Program - Subprogram II between Nepal and Asian Development Bank dated 23 December 2010
Agreements Dec 2010
Georgia Environmental Assessment Review Framework
Urban Services Improvement Investment Program: Environmental Assessment Review Frameworks
Environmental Assessment and Measures Nov 2010
Georgia Resettlement Frameworks
Urban Services Improvement Investment Program: Resettlement Framework
Resettlement Planning Documents Nov 2010
India North Karnataka Urban Sector Investment Program (October 2010) Resettlement Planning Documents Oct 2010
Nepal Project/Program Agreement
Project Agreement for Second Rural Finance Sector Development Project between Asian Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank Limited
Agreements Jun 2010
Indonesia Project/Program Completion Reports
State Audit Reform Sector Development Program
Completion Reports Mar 2010