Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Timor-Leste Grant Agreement
Grant Agreement for Road Network Development (Sector) Project between the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and ADB - Signed Agreement Date 26 Feb 2010
Agreements Feb 2010
Timor-Leste Road Network Development (Sector) Project: Draft Design and Monitoring Framework Design and Monitoring Frameworks Jul 2009
Timor-Leste Preparing the Road Network Development Project (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Technical Assistance Reports Jul 2008
Timor-Leste TA Completion Reports
Transport Sector Improvement
Completion Reports Mar 2008
Timor-Leste Infrastructure Project Management (Cofinanced by the Government of Australia) Technical Assistance Reports May 2007
Timor-Leste TA Completion Reports
Postal Services Development
Completion Reports Dec 2005
Timor-Leste Road Sector Improvement Project Project/Program Administration Manual Oct 2005