Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Nepal Supporting Preparation of the 3-Year Interim Development Plan Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2006
Nepal Strengthening Project Implementation and Quality Assurance (Financed by the Technical Assistance Special Fund) Consultant's Reports Dec 2006
Nepal Establishing Economic Policy Network Consultant's Reports Dec 2006
Strengthening Capacities of Key Ministries: Final Report Consultant's Reports Dec 2006
Nepal Progress Reports on Tranche Releases
Governance Reform Program
Progress Reports Nov 2006
Nepal Project/Program Agreement
Program Agreement for Rural Finance Sector Development Cluster Program between Asian Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank Limited Small Farmers Development Bank Nepal Rastra Bank
Agreements Nov 2006
Nepal Rural Finance Sector Development Cluster Program Reports and Recommendations of the President Oct 2006
Nepal Preparation of National Resettlement Policy Framework Consultant's Reports Oct 2006
Nepal Concept Paper on School Sector Approach Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA Oct 2006
Nepal Preparing the North--South Fast Track Road Project (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Technical Assistance Reports Sep 2006
Nepal Preparing the Governance Reforms and Decentralization Cluster Program I (Financed by the Japan Special Fund) Technical Assistance Reports Aug 2006
Nepal TA Completion Reports
Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Public Debt Management
Completion Reports Jul 2006
Sri Lanka
Channel Financing Agreements
Memorandum of Understanding on Channel Financing Between the Government of Australia and the Asian Development Bank in Establishing Australia-South Asia Development Partnership Facility
Agreements Jun 2006
Nepal Project/Program Completion Reports
Third Livestock Development Project
Completion Reports Mar 2006
Nepal Roads Connectivity Sector I Project: Draft Design and Monitoring Framework Design and Monitoring Frameworks Mar 2006
Nepal Indigenous Peoples Planning Frameworks/Indigenous Peoples Development Frameworks
Proposed Road Connectivity Sector I Project
Indigenous Peoples Planning Documents Mar 2006
Nepal Enabling the Private Sector to Undertake Poverty Focused Water Distribution and Strengthening of Institutional Reforms in Kathmandu Valley Technical Assistance Reports Mar 2006
Nepal Operationalization of Managing for Development Results Technical Assistance Reports Feb 2006