Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Nepal Urban and Environmental Improvement Project Initial Poverty and Social Analysis Dec 2007
Nepal Economic Policy Network II Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2007
Sri Lanka
Clustered Cities Development: Innovative Interventions in South Asia Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA Nov 2007
Nepal Preparing the West Seti Hydroelectric Project (Financed by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund) Technical Assistance Reports Nov 2007
Nepal Supporting Capacity Development for Water Services Operations and Public-Private Partnership in Kathmandu Valley Technical Assistance Reports Nov 2007
Nepal TA Completion Reports
Education Sector Development Policy and Strategy
Completion Reports Sep 2007
Nepal Support to Anticorruption Institutions Technical Assistance Reports Aug 2007
Nepal TA Completion Reports
Strengthening Project Implementation and Quality Assurance
Completion Reports Jul 2007
Nepal TA Completion Reports
Establishing Economic Policy Network
Completion Reports May 2007
Nepal Resettlement Plans
Urban Environment Improvement Project: Short Resettlement Plan for Bishnumati Link Road Component
Resettlement Planning Documents Feb 2007
Nepal Preparing the Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Program Technical Assistance Reports Feb 2007
Nepal Promoting Pro-Poor and Gender Responsive Service Delivery Project Consultant's Reports Jan 2007