Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
China, People's Republic of Strengthening the Antipoverty Effects of Social Assistance Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2009
China, People's Republic of Institution and Innovation of East-West Pairing-off Regional Cooperation for Poverty Reduction in China - Focused Synopsis Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA Sep 2009
China, People's Republic of Proposed Agricultural Infrastructure Comprehensive Development Project Initial Poverty and Social Analysis Jul 2009
China, People's Republic of Facility for Policy Reform and Capacity Building III: Sub-project 1.11 - Study on Elimination of Several Major Problems of the Poverty Belt around Beijing and Tianjin Technical Assistance Consultant's Reports Jul 2009
China, People's Republic of Social Monitoring Reports
Liaoning Environmental Improvement Project: Poverty and Social Economic Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Report
Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports Apr 2009
China, People's Republic of TA Completion Reports
Nongovernment Organization-Government Partnerships in Village-level Poverty Alleviation
Completion Reports Jan 2009