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Cambodia TA Completion Reports
Support for the Preparation of Harmonized Sector Assessments
Completion Reports Jan 2012
Cambodia Project/Program Completion Reports
Agriculture Sector Development Program
Completion Reports Dec 2011
Cambodia TA Completion Reports
Implementation of Key Policy Triggers of Subprogram 3
Completion Reports Sep 2011
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Viet Nam
TA Completion Reports
Completion Reports Aug 2011
Cambodia Capacity Building for the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2010
China, People's Republic of
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Viet Nam
Preparing the Corridor Towns Development Project Technical Assistance Reports Oct 2010
Cambodia Greater Mekong Subregion: Cambodia Northwest Provincial Road Improvement Project Project/Program Administration Manual May 2010
Cambodia Loan Agreement (Special Operations)
Loan Agreement (Special Operations) for Financial Sector Program II Cluster - Subprogram 3 between Kingdom of Cambodia and Asian Development Bank dated 27 December 2009
Agreements Dec 2009
Cambodia Financial Sector Program II - Subprogram 3 Reports and Recommendations of the President Nov 2009
Cambodia Women's Development Centers Grant Assistance Reports Nov 2005
Cambodia Study of the Influence of Built Structures on the Fisheries of the Tonle Sap (Financed by the Government of Finland) Technical Assistance Reports Oct 2005
Cambodia TA Completion Reports
Improving the Regulatory and Management Framework for Inland Fisheries
Completion Reports Aug 2004
Cambodia Harmonizing Loan Project Implementation Procedures (JSF) Technical Assistance Reports Feb 2004
Cambodia Preparing the Second Education Sector Development Program (JSF) Technical Assistance Reports Dec 2003
Cambodia Extension of Implementation Assistance for Special Rehabilitation Assistance Project Technical Assistance Reports Jun 1995
Cambodia Technical Assistance to Cambodia for Statistical System Development Technical Assistance Reports Nov 1994
Cambodia Technical Assistance to Cambodia for the Airports Improvement Project Technical Assistance Reports Nov 1994
Cambodia Technical Assistance to Cambodia for Establishment of a Central Procurement Office and Regulations and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works Technical Assistance Reports Sep 1994
Cambodia Technical Assistance to Cambodia for Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures and Capabilities (JSF-Financed) Technical Assistance Reports Apr 1994