Projects Documents

Country Document Title Type Cover Date
Afghanistan Support for Infrastructure Investments and Policy: Technical Assistance Report Technical Assistance Reports Oct 2013
Afghanistan Resettlement Plans
Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Development Project
Resettlement Planning Documents Sep 2009
Afghanistan Network Development Project I Project/Program Administration Manual Aug 2008
Afghanistan Road Network Development Project I Reports and Recommendations of the President Sep 2007
Afghanistan Resettlement Frameworks
Road Network Development Program: Resettlement Framework
Resettlement Planning Documents Jun 2007
Afghanistan Multitranche Financing Facility Road Network Development Program: Draft Design and Monitoring Framework Design and Monitoring Frameworks Jun 2007
Afghanistan Resettlement Plans
Road Network Development Program
Resettlement Planning Documents Jun 2007
Afghanistan Capacity Building for Road Sector Institutions Technical Assistance Reports Oct 2005
Afghanistan Capacity Strengthening of the Civil Aviation Sector Technical Assistance Reports Jun 2005