Shaanxi Weinan Luyang Integrated Saline Land Management Project

Date: November 2012
Document Type: Reports and Recommendations of the President
Project Number: 44037-014

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This document provides the report and recommendation of the president (RRP) on (i) a proposed loan, and (ii) proposed administration of a grant to be provided by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), both to the People’s Republic of China for the Shaanxi Weinan Luyang Integrated Saline Land Management Project. The report also describes proposed administration of technical assistance to be provided by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund under the Water Financing Partnership Facility for the Management and Protection of Wetlands in Weinan City in Shaanxi Province. The RRP describes terms and conditions proposed for the project for the approval of the Board of Directors of ADB.

The project's impact will be sustained and inclusive economic growth in Weinan municipality. The outcome will be improved natural environment and rural livelihood in Luyanghu area.