Sindh Coastal Community Development Project - Mangroves Raised by Coastal Forest Division Sindh Forest Department, Government of Sindh At Shah Bundar & Keti Bundar: Final Environmental Monitoring Report (June 2013)

Date: June 2013
Document Type: Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports / Environmental Monitoring Reports
Project Number: 37188-013

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This monitoring and evaluation report pertains to old and new plantations that comprises of 2350 ha of new mangrove plantation established in 2013, 2000 ha in 2012 and 3000 ha in 2009- 2011 at Shah Bundar, 3000 ha in 2009-2011 at Keti Bundar by Sindh Forest Department–Coastal Forest Division (SFD-CFD).

The objectives of the monitoring and evaluation are as follows:

  1. Assess the quantity and quality of mangrove rehabilitation work undertaken by SFDCFD and report the same to Project Executing agency.
  2. Assess the quantum of natural regeneration within the planted areas which are surviving as a result of protection measures by Sindh Forest Department.
  3. Provide technical feedback to the CFD on the deficiencies or shortfall in implementation of the mangrove rehabilitation component.
  4. Enhance overall outcome of the mangrove rehabilitation sub-component.