Sixth Agriculture and Natural Resources Research at CGIAR Centers

Date: October 2001
Document Type: Technical Assistance Reports

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The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Policy on Agriculture and Natural Resources Research (ANRR),1 approved in 1995, identified intensified research as an important intervention requiring ADB support to address the three critical issues of (i) reducing poverty, (ii) sustainable management of agriculture and natural resources, and (iii) increasing the productivity of agriculture in the Asian and Pacific region. Under the ANRR policy, an annual package of regional technical assistance (TA) through the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) centers of excellence was supported as a cost-effective means to channel ADB's support. The Operations Evaluation Department (OED) conducted the mandatory five-year review of the policy in 2000 2 and found that (i) the present policy on ANRR remained consistent with ADB's development objectives, (ii) the assistance to CGIAR and other international agricultural research centers (IARCs) has yielded high economic rates of return, and (iii) the current funding modality should be essentially maintained.