Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program - Amended Summary Environmental Impact Assessment

Date: December 2012
Document Type: Environmental Assessment and Measures / Summary Environmental Impact Assessments
Project Number: 40156-023

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This provides the amended summary environmental impact assessment (SEIA) for the Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program in India.

The Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program will address immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability by implementing protection works in the states of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra that are both economically viable and environmentally and socially appropriate. It will also support natural protection measures, such as developing dunes and seeding them with grass and planting mangrove or other trees for protection or shelter, besides promoting the broader aspects of coastal management, such as ensuring water quality, maintaining navigational entrances, dredging waterways, and training river and drain mouths. Institutional capacity will be developed to meet the long-term needs of sustainable coastal protection and management, and the private sector and communities will be encouraged to participate more in coastal protection and management. The approach to coastal protection and management will significantly change, in a well-planned and programmed transition from environmentally harmful protection works to environmentally appropriate and sustainable solutions.