Sustaining Asia's Growth and Investment in a Changing World

Date: April 2014
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports
Project Number: 43213-012

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This is the completion report for the ADB regional techincal assistance project, Sustaining Asia's Growth and Investment in a Changing World. The project sought to provide effective policy advice on rebalancing growth in the developing Asian region, especially in light of the observed decline in investment-to-GDP ratio and GDP growth in the region following the Asian Financial Crisis, even as the savings ratio remained largely unchanged.

The main outputs of the technical assistance was disseminated primarily through a publication titled 'Asia Rising - Growth and Resilience in an Uncertain Global Economy'.  The book provides a comprehensive treatise on the development challenges confronting Asia in a post-Global Financial Crisis world, and provides alternative strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth in an environment of increasing uncertainty. 

Five Economics Working Papers were also produced under this project, which cover topics on corporate savings and investment behavior in selected Asian countries.