Transport Efficiency through Logistics Development Policy Study

Date: June 2013
Document Type: Completion Reports / TA Completion Reports
Project Number: 41112-012

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The technical assistance completion report for TA 7174-PRC: Transport Efficiency through Logistics Development Policy Study describes expected impact, outcome and outputs, conduct of activities, evaluation and achievement of outcome, assessment and rating, major lessons, recommendations and follow-up actions.

The TA is rated successful. It produced good quality outputs and provided useful input to the PRC’s 12th Five Year Plan. The international experiences and best practices in the final report were particularly useful in illustrating the potential roles of the government and the market in logistics provision. This international comparison offered policy makers a range of options to consider in the development of the PRC’s logistics industry. The TA also influenced ADB’s formulation of the Hunan Xiangjiang Inland Waterway Transport Project in 2012.