Tuul River Improvement Project

Date: December 2013
Document Type: Technical Assistance Reports
Project Number: 47179-003

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This document provides the project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) report for the Tuul River Improvement Project in Mongolia. The major outputs of the PPTA will be: (i) a project design which responds to government's needs and fulfill ADB requirements, and (ii) detailed data collection and surveys. Specifically, the outputs include (i) sector assessment; (ii) financial management and procurement capacity assessments; (iii) stakeholder analysis, and problems and constraints identification; (iv) a project technical, environmental, economic, financial and social appraisal; (v) a participatory gender plan and a sustainable livelihood plan; (vi) a resettlement plan, if required; (vii) initial environmental examination and management plans; and (viii) an institutional and capacity development plan.