Urban Development Sector Project: Improvement of Basic Urban Services in Govi-Altay Aimag

Date: October 2010
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents
Project Number: 37697-013

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This land acquisition and resettlement plan (LARP) for the Altay Basic Urban Services Improvement Subproject under the Urban Development Sector Project in Mongolia provides (i) an assessment of the scope of land acquisition and resettlement (LAR), (ii) an analysis of the socio-economic situation of affected persons, (iii) the LARP policy framework and entitlements, (iv) the procedure for consultation and public participation, (v) a description of institutional arrangements and the LAR grievance mechanism, (vi) the compensation strategy, (vii) an itemized resettlement budget, (viii) an internal and external monitoring and evaluation procedure and (ix) the Altay subproject LARP implementation schedule.