Water Resources Project Preparatory Facility: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Action Framework

Date: July 2012
Document Type: Gender Action Plans
Project Number: 45206-001

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This Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Action Framework (GESI AF) has been developed for the Water Resources Project Preparatory Facility with the objective to implement all components of the Facility in a GESI responsive manner. The Framework will in particular guide the development of GESI Action Plan during project preparation of an irrigation management transfer project (IMTP), water-induced hazard mapping and the preparation of a water-induced disaster prevention project (WIDPP), a Terai Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Project (TIEIP). The Framework encompasses both the Asian Development Bank and Government of Nepal’s broader principles on GESI as it relates to water resources management and irrigation as specified by the Irrigation Policy, 2003 and National Water Resources Policy, 2011.