Western Yunnan Roads Development II Project

Date: March 2009
Document Type: Consultant's Reports
Project Number: 40626-012

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This document is the final report of the feasibility study prepared for TA 4970: Western Yunnan Roads Development II Project in the People's Republic of China.

Two feasibility studies (FS) have been prepared for this project. The first prepared in August 2007 by the Yunnan Provincial Transport Planning, Design & Research Institute was the basis for early discussions between the Ministry of Transport, the Yunnan Provincial Communication Department and ADB. Following those discussions and resulting from questions raised about the data in the original FS, it was agreed that a supplementary FS would be prepared to develop more detailed assessment of a number of features including updated traffic estimates and costing of alternative alignments. That supplementary text to the original FS was completed by the Design & Research Institute in January of 2009. The two volumes together lay out the methodology used to examine the demand, the recommended road structure and location, the costs and the economic and financial viability of the proposed road. This current review is based on those earlier reports.

The TA aims to carry out a due diligence on the physical engineering, economic and financial aspects of this project to judge whether it meets the basic ADB feasibility criteria prior to carrying out a further analysis of the safeguard issues like environmental and social compliance.