Yerevan Sustainable Urban Transport Program Tranche 1: Yerevan West Bypass Highways Project 2: Shirak St.-Argavand Section

Date: September 2010
Document Type: Resettlement Planning Documents
Project Number: 42417-023

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This summary land acquisition and resettlement plan specifies the compensation, resettlement and rehabilitation requirements and arrangements for Highways Project 2 (Shirak St.-Argavand Section) of the Yerevan Sustainable Urban Transport Program Tranche 1 in Armenia. The Project 2 area is located proximately 6 km south-west of the centre of the capital city of Yerevan in the Shengavit district of Yerevan and the Malatia-Sebastia district of Argavand. The project design envisages the construction of a new 6-lane divided road over a length of approximately 1.2km. This includes 1.5km of road linking Argavand Highway to Shirak Street.