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Results 101-125 of 213 for Economic growth Proposed
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Selected Evaluation Studies for 2014 TA   Proposed  
Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Grant   Proposed  
Philippines Teach for the Philippines TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Strengthening Coordination for Management of Disasters TA   Proposed  
Viet Nam Greater Mekong Subregion Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth - Viet Nam Loan   Proposed  
Samoa Samoa AgriBusiness Support Project Grant   Proposed  
Pakistan National Highway Development Sector Investment Program, Tranche 4   Proposed  
India Madhya Pradesh District Connectivity Sector Project Loan   Proposed  
Georgia Secondary Road Improvement Project Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Jalalpur Irrigation Project Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Rural Roads Improvement Project II Loan   Proposed  
Kyrgyz Republic Strengthening the Education System Sector Development Program Grant   Proposed  
Myanmar Irrigation Command Area Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Bangladesh Third Capital Market Development Program Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Greater Mekong Subregion Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth - Cambodia Loan   Proposed  
India MFF - Maharashtra Solar Park Transmission and Green Grid Development Investment Program (Facility Concept) Loan   Proposed  
Uzbekistan MFF - Third CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
India Climate Adaptation through Sub-basin Development (Facility) Loan   Proposed  
Tajikistan Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project (formerly Power Sector Development) Grant   Proposed  
Sri Lanka MFF - Integrated Road Investment Program (Facility) Loan   Proposed  
Indonesia Regional Roads Development Investment Program (MFF $430 M) - PFR 2   Proposed  
Indonesia Multitranche Financing Facility - Flood Management in Selected River Basins   Proposed  
Pakistan MFF Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program II Tranche 1 Loan   Proposed  
India MFF - North East Region Urban Sector Development Investment Program (Facility Concept) Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan MFF - Sindh Water Resouces Development (Facility Concept)   Proposed