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Results 176-200 of 206 for Education Social development
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Indonesia Support for Decentralized Education Management I Closed / Terminated 8 Aug 2001
Bhutan Basic Skills Development Loan 1830 Approved 21 Jun 2001
Viet Nam Upper Secondary Education Development TA 3670 Closed / Terminated 7 Jun 2001
Viet Nam VIE :RMIT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY IN VIETNAM Private Sector Loan and Equity 7169/1827 Approved 26 Apr 2001
Papua New Guinea Employment-Oriented Skills Development (AusAID grant co-financing under Loan 1706-PNG(SF) Grant 3632 Approved 20 Feb 2001
Sri Lanka Postsecondary Education TA 3598 Closed / Terminated 19 Dec 2000
Sri Lanka Skills Development Loan 1707 Approved 28 Oct 1999
Viet Nam Demand-Driven Skills Training for Poverty Reduction in the Cuu Long (Mekong) River Delta Grant 9123 Approved
Kyrgyz Republic Strengthening the Education System Sector Development Program Grant   Proposed  
Bhutan Institutional Strengthening for Skills Development TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Shanxi Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Project Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Guangxi Baise Vocational Education Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Nepal Skills Development Project   Proposed  
Bangladesh Support for the Third Primary Education Development Project TA 8085 Approved
Myanmar Support for Post-Primary Education Development TA 8385 Approved
Myanmar Support for Education Sector Planning TA 8187 Approved
Regional National Education Planning and Management TA 8552 Approved
Cambodia Third Education Sector Development Program
Viet Nam Second Lower Secondary Education for the Most Disadvantaged Areas Project Loan   Proposed  
India Odisha Skills Development Project
Mongolia Skills for Employment Loan   Proposed  
Philippines Teach for the Philippines TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector Development Program (formerly Second Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education Project (STVET II)) Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Chongqing Vocational Training Information Management Platform Development TA   Proposed  
Regional Higher Education in the Pacific Project   Proposed