Project Records

Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information. See the Project FAQs.

Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
India Punjab Development Finance Program
Regional Revenue Management in Resource-Rich Countries TA   Proposed  
Indonesia State Accountability Revitalization Project Loan 2927 Approved
Myanmar Support for Strengthening Public Debt Management TA 8527 Approved
Viet Nam Support to Improve Portfolio Performance and Aid Effectiveness TA 8034 Approved
Viet Nam Public-Private Partnership Support Project - Additional Cofinancing Loan 8273 Approved
Viet Nam Improving Competitiveness Program Loan   Proposed  
Viet Nam Strategic Development Financing TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Strengthening Government and Social Organization Cooperation for Rural Poverty Reduction TA   Proposed  
Viet Nam Support for the Implementation of Civil Service Reform Plan TA   Proposed  
Pakistan Public Sector Enterprise Reforms Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Support to Combat Transnational Organized Environmental Crime and Promote Environmental Law Reform and Enforcement
Regional Improving the Financial Management Capacity of Executing Agencies in Afghanistan and Pakistan TA   Proposed  
Kyrgyz Republic Strengthening the Enabling Environment for PPPs TA   Proposed