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Results 5776-5800 of 6277 for Public sector (Sovereign)
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Bangladesh Institutional Reforms in the Gas Sector Closed / Terminated 16 Nov 1998
Regional Mayors' Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit Closed / Terminated 13 Nov 1998
China, People's Republic of Urban Policy Workshops Closed / Terminated 11 Nov 1998
Philippines Health Sector Study Closed / Terminated 10 Nov 1998
China, People's Republic of Preliminary Assessment of the Hai and Luan River Development Closed / Terminated 10 Nov 1998
China, People's Republic of Chengdu-Nanchong Expressway Approved 10 Nov 1998
Nepal Melamchi Water Supply (Engineering) Loan 1640 Approved 10 Nov 1998
Sri Lanka Tea Development Project Loan 1639 Approved 10 Nov 1998
Uzbekistan Grain Productivity Improvement TA 3094 Approved 10 Nov 1998
Regional Devt of an Intl Fisheries Agrmt for the Conservation & Mngt of the Tuna Resources in the Western and Closed / Terminated 9 Nov 1998
Regional Regional Community Forestry Training Centre Approved 6 Nov 1998
Regional ASEM Seminar on Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures Closed / Terminated 4 Nov 1998
Bangladesh Private Sector Participation in Gas Transmission Closed / Terminated 4 Nov 1998
Regional Enhancing Municipality/City Government Performance and Accountability TA 5764 Closed / Terminated 29 Oct 1998
Regional Public Administration and Expenditure Management Closed / Terminated 27 Oct 1998
Viet Nam Lower Secondary Education Development Project Closed / Terminated 23 Oct 1998
Regional Third Agriculture and Natural Resources Research at CGIAR Centers TA 5812 Closed / Terminated 22 Oct 1998
Mongolia Institutional Strengthening of the Housing Sector TA 3090 Closed / Terminated 19 Oct 1998
India Calcutta Environmental Improvement TA 3089 Closed / Terminated 16 Oct 1998
Regional Workshop on Enhancing DMC Participation in Bank's Opera tional Business Processes Closed / Terminated 15 Oct 1998
Indonesia Agro-Marketing Development Closed / Terminated 15 Oct 1998
Lao People's Democratic Republic Northern Area Rural Power Distribution Project (former Northern Area Rural and Small Towns) TA 3087 Closed / Terminated 14 Oct 1998
Regional Reg. Trng. Course in Financial Mgnt. for Water Sector and Sanitation Utilities Closed / Terminated 14 Oct 1998
China, People's Republic of Regional Road Sector Strategy Study Closed / Terminated 13 Oct 1998
Regional Study on the Development of Government Bond Markets in Selected DMCs TA 5809 Closed / Terminated 6 Oct 1998