Project Records

Project records contain Project Data Sheets (summary information on projects or programs), project and evaluation documents, business opportunities and other information. See the Project FAQs.

Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Capacity Building of Ministries of Finance in Selected DMCs for the ASEAN Surveillance Process Closed / Terminated 16 Dec 1999
Regional Strengthening Financial MAnagement and Governance in Selected DMCs Approved 14 Dec 1999
Regional Organization and Management of Government Legal Services Closed / Terminated 10 Dec 1999
Regional International Competitiveness of Asian Economies: A Cross-Country Study TA 5875 Closed / Terminated 10 Dec 1999
Regional Rebasing and Linking National Accounts Series Closed / Terminated 8 Dec 1999
Regional Regional Long-Term Audit Training Program for Members of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI), Phase II Closed / Terminated 3 Dec 1999
Regional Capacity Building Support for NGO Financial Resource Mobilization and Management Closed / Terminated 3 Dec 1999
Regional Capacity Building for the ASEAN Surveillance Coordination Unit and Technical Support for the ASEAN Surveillance Process Closed / Terminated 29 Nov 1999
Regional External Forum on Gender and Development TA 5868 Closed / Terminated 19 Nov 1999
Regional Workshop on Corporate Governance Closed / Terminated 20 Sep 1999
Regional East Asian Economic Crisis: Workshops on Social Development Policy in Asia Closed / Terminated 9 Sep 1999
Regional Ninth ADB Tax Conference Closed / Terminated 27 Aug 1999
Regional 1999 Orientation Program for DMC Officers in the Bank Closed / Terminated 27 Aug 1999
Regional Legal Literacy for Supporting Governance Closed / Terminated 24 Aug 1999
Regional Beijing Review Closed / Terminated 9 Aug 1999
Regional Twelfth Workshop on Asian Economic Outlook Closed / Terminated 4 Aug 1999
Regional Workshop and Consultations on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Closed / Terminated 25 Jun 1999
Regional Establishment of the Asia Recovery Information Center Closed / Terminated 16 Jun 1999
Regional Regional Seminar on Local Government Data Book Closed / Terminated 4 Jun 1999
Regional Training Workshops on Economic Analysis of Projects for Selected DMCs Closed / Terminated 6 May 1999
Regional Supporting the Year 2000 Unit Closed / Terminated 23 Mar 1999
Regional ADB-IMFI Training Course on Macroeconomic and Structural Policies Closed / Terminated 12 Mar 1999
Regional Enhancing Gender and Development Capacity in DMCs TA 5835 Closed / Terminated 26 Feb 1999
Regional 1999 Seminars on Project Implementation and Administration Closed / Terminated 25 Feb 1999
Regional Technical Assistance for Evaluation Studies in the Bank's Developing Member Countries Closed / Terminated 12 Feb 1999