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Results 126-150 of 156 for Technical Assistance Philippines
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Philippines Industry and Export Competitiveness Development Program Closed / Terminated 17 Dec 1999
Philippines Capacity Building for Procuring Agencies in Infrastructure Sectors Closed / Terminated 25 Nov 1999
Philippines Project Performance Management System (Phase II) Closed / Terminated 24 Nov 1999
Philippines Community-Based Forest Resources Management Closed / Terminated 25 Oct 1999
Philippines Non-Bank Financial Intermediation Program Loan Closed / Terminated 25 Aug 1999
Philippines Review of Cost Recovery Mechanism for Irrigation and O & M Closed / Terminated 4 Aug 1999
Philippines Urban Policy Framework Closed / Terminated 20 May 1999
Philippines Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement Sector Project TA 3194 Closed / Terminated 15 May 1999
Philippines Capacity Building in the Inter national Finance Group/Dept. of Finance Closed / Terminated 31 Dec 1998
Philippines LGU Capacity Building Closed / Terminated 23 Dec 1998
Philippines Electricity Pricing and Regulatory Practice in a Competitive Environment TA 3126 Closed / Terminated 16 Dec 1998
Philippines Consumer Impact Assessment Closed / Terminated 16 Dec 1998
Philippines Air Emission Policy Studies Closed / Terminated 16 Dec 1998
Philippines Institutional Strengthening of SEC/Insurance Commission Closed / Terminated 15 Dec 1998
Philippines Decentralization of Basic Closed / Terminated 11 Dec 1998
Philippines Health Sector Study Closed / Terminated 10 Nov 1998
Philippines Capacity Building in the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development Closed / Terminated 25 Sep 1998
Philippines Education Sector Study Closed / Terminated 22 Sep 1998
Philippines Mindanao Urban Planning and Basic Services Closed / Terminated 27 May 1998
Philippines PFM 3 [previously Governance and Public Financial Management Phase I (Cluster TA)] TA   Proposed  
Philippines Capacity Development to Support Regulation and Oversight at the Insurance Commission TA 8608 Approved 31 Dec 2013
Philippines Climate Resilience and Green Growth in Critical Watersheds TA 8493 Approved
Philippines Improving Competitiveness in Tourism TA 8334 Approved
Philippines Strengthening Knowledge-Based Economic and Social Development TA 8164 Approved
Philippines Enhancing Capacities for the KALAHI?CIDSS National Community-Driven Development Project TA 8590 Approved