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Results 1-14 of 14 for Approved Energy Gender equity
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Empowering the Poor through Increasing Access to Energy TA 7512 Approved 18 Jun 2012
India Advanced Project Preparedness for Poverty Reduction - Gender Inclusive Capacity Development for Electricity Distribution Loss Reduction in Rural Madhya Pradesh (Subproject 23) TA 8056 Approved 8 Mar 2012
Regional Improving Gender-Inclusive Access to Clean and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka Grant 9158 Approved 18 Mar 2011
Philippines Rural Community-Based Renewable Energy Development in Mindanao TA 7781 Approved 16 Feb 2011
Pakistan Energy Efficiency Investment Program Loan 0031 Approved 17 Sep 2009
Viet Nam Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Local Stakeholders for Implementation of Son La Livelihood and Resettlement Plan TA 4690 Approved 14 Nov 2005
China, People's Republic of Wind Power Project Approved 20 Dec 2000
Pakistan Power Sector Restructuring Program Loan Approved 14 Dec 2000
Pakistan Power Sector Restructuring Support TA loan Approved 14 Dec 2000
China, People's Republic of Taiyuan Environment Improvement Approved 7 Dec 1999
Indonesia Power Sector Development Approved 23 Mar 1999
Indonesia Power Sector Development Approved 23 Mar 1999
Philippines Power Sector Development Approved 16 Dec 1998
China, People's Republic of Yunnan Dachaoshan Power Transmission Approved 27 Nov 1998