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Results 1-14 of 14 for Approved Finance Mongolia
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Mongolia Senior Loan to Khan Bank for Supporting Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Private Sector Loan and Equity 214 Approved 30 Jun 2014
Mongolia Payment System Modernization Project Loan 3072 Approved 26 Nov 2013
Mongolia Promoting Inclusive Financial Services for the Poor Grant 9152 Approved 17 Dec 2010
Mongolia Policy and Institutional Support for Banking Sector Systemic Risk Management TA 7397 Approved 27 Nov 2009
Mongolia Urban Development Sector Project Loan 2301 Approved 18 Nov 2009
Mongolia Capital Markets Development TA 7112 Approved 11 Aug 2008
Mongolia MON: LOAN TO KHAN BANK Private Sector Loan and Equity 7259 Approved 2 Aug 2007
Mongolia MON: INVESTMENT IN TRADE & DEVELOPMENT BANK Private Sector Loan and Equity 7197 Approved 20 Apr 2004
Mongolia Rural Finance Loan 1848 Approved 25 Oct 2001
Mongolia Housing Finance Sector Loan Loan 1847 Approved 18 Oct 2001
Mongolia Strengthening Policy for Social Security Reform TA 3709 Approved 28 Aug 2001
Mongolia Financial Sector Program Loan Approved 22 Jun 2000
Mongolia Housing Sector Finance TA 3406 Approved 2 Mar 2000
Mongolia Rural Finance TA 3397 Approved 2 Feb 2000