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Results 76-83 of 83 for Approved Mongolia
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Mongolia Social Security Sector Development Program (Investment Loan) Loan 1836 Approved 28 Aug 2001
Mongolia Integrated Development of Basic Urban Services in Secondary Towns TA 3685 Approved 19 Jul 2001
Mongolia Agriculture Sector Development Program Loan 1821 Approved 21 Dec 2000
Mongolia Agriculture Sector Development Project Loan 1822 Approved 21 Dec 2000
Mongolia Financial Sector Program Loan Approved 22 Jun 2000
Mongolia Housing Sector Finance TA 3406 Approved 2 Mar 2000
Mongolia Rural Finance TA 3397 Approved 2 Feb 2000
Mongolia Governance Reform Program Loan 1713 Approved 2 Dec 1999