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Results 26-35 of 35 for Approved Indonesia Social development
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Indonesia Sustainable Livelihood Development for the Poor Coastal and Small Island Communities Project Approved 17 Jun 2004
Indonesia Neighborhood Upgrading and Shelter Sector Project
Approved 19 Dec 2003
Indonesia Second Decentralized Health Services
Approved 19 Dec 2003
Indonesia Support for Health Sector Policy Reforms TA 3579 Approved 31 Mar 2003
Indonesia Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management II Loan 1962 Approved 6 Dec 2002
Indonesia Poor Farmer Income Improvement Through Innovation Project Loan 1909 Approved 15 Aug 2002
Indonesia Urban Poverty Reduction (Supplementary) TA 3646 Approved 18 Jun 2002
Indonesia Decentralized Basic Education Loan 1863 Approved 29 Nov 2001
Indonesia Urban Poverty Reduction Sector TA 3646 Approved 3 Apr 2001
Indonesia Flood Management in Selected River Basins Project (Phase II) TA 7364 Approved