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Results 126-138 of 138 for Approved Bangladesh
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Bangladesh Small Scale Water Resources Development Sector II Loan 1831 Approved 12 Jul 2001
Bangladesh Southwest Flood Damage Rehabilitation Approved 21 Dec 2000
Bangladesh BAN: MEGHNAGHAT POWER PROJECT Private Sector Loan and Equity 7165/1793 Approved 5 Dec 2000
Bangladesh Northwest Crop Diversification Project Loan 1782 Approved 21 Nov 2000
Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Loan 1771 Approved 26 Oct 2000
Bangladesh Strengthening Project Portfolio Performance TA 3336 Approved 10 Dec 1999
Bangladesh Implementation Support for Sundarbans Biodiversity Conservation Approved 10 Nov 1999
Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development TA 3213 Approved 30 Jun 1999
Bangladesh Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project Approved 18 Dec 1998
Bangladesh Rural Livelihood Loan 1634 Approved 29 Sep 1998
Bangladesh Road Safety Improvement Programs TA 7840 Approved
Bangladesh Supporting Implementation of Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (Subproject 2) TA 8084 Approved
Bangladesh Third Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement (Sector) Project Loan 3142 Approved