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Results 51-75 of 93 for Proposed Technical Assistance
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Indonesia Support to Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program - PFR2   Proposed  
Regional GMS Corridor Town Development II   Proposed  
Regional CAREC-Working with the Private Sector in Trade Facilitation (Phase 2: Sustaining Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring and Strengthening the CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations) TA   Proposed  
Regional Integrated Rapid Risk Mapping Using Mobile Phone Technology and Satellite Remote Sensing for Strategic Malaria Control and Elimination Planning in Selected GMS countries TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Uplands Irrigation and Water Resources Management Sector Project TA   Proposed  
Pakistan Strengthening Central Power Purchasing Agency TA   Proposed  
Myanmar Off-Grid Renewable Energy Demonstration Project TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Promoting Economic Diversification Program II   Proposed  
Viet Nam Integrated Rural Development Sector Project in the Central Provinces (Supplementary)   Proposed  
Regional Supporting the Use of Carbon Financing from New Carbon Market Mechanisms to Promote Green Growth in Asia and the Pacific TA   Proposed  
Bhutan Green Power Development Project II
Regional Selected Evaluation Studies for 2014 TA   Proposed  
Philippines Teach for the Philippines TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Henan Hebi Qihe River Basin Environment Improvement and Ecological Conservation TA   Proposed  
Viet Nam Second Secondary Education Sector Development TA   Proposed  
Pakistan Determining the Potential for Carbon Capture and Storage TA   Proposed  
Cambodia Strengthening Coordination for Management of Disasters TA   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Chongqing Vocational Training Information Management Platform Development TA   Proposed  
Viet Nam Support for the Implementation of Civil Service Reform Plan TA   Proposed  
Tajikistan Strengthening the Anti-Money Laundering Regime TA   Proposed  
India Climate-Resilient Coastal Protection and Management Project TA   Proposed  
Regional Higher Education in the Pacific Investment Program - Tranche 2   Proposed  
Lao People's Democratic Republic Urban Environmental Improvement TA   Proposed  
Philippines Road Sector Institutional Development and Investment Program PFR 2   Proposed  
India MFF-Uttar Pradesh Major District Road Investment Program(Facility)