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Results 26-50 of 268 for Proposed
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Philippines Capacity Development to Support Regulation and Oversight at the Insurance Commission TA 8608 Approved 31 Dec 2013
Bangladesh Third Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement Project - Project Design Advance Loan   Proposed  
Regional Enabling Carbon Capture and Storage in Southeast Asia's Coal Power Sector TA   Proposed  
India Intermodal Transport Sector Development TA   Proposed  
India Intermodal Transport (formerly Intermodal Transport Sector Development)
Azerbaijan Preparing MFF Railway Investment Program TA   Proposed  
Bangladesh Public-Private Partnership Program Mainstreaming Support TA   Proposed  
India Jharkhand State Roads II
India Punjab Development Finance Program
Regional Revenue Management in Resource-Rich Countries TA   Proposed  
Indonesia Scaling up Hydropower Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Bhutan Improved Urban Environmental Infrastructure Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Second Greater Mekong Subregion Corridor Towns Development Project Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Provincial Road Improvement Project (Sindh) Loan   Proposed  
Indonesia Sustainable Livelihood Systems for Indigenous Peoples in Indonesian Heart of Borneo Grant   Proposed  
Cambodia Fourth Financial Sector Program, Subprogram 1 Loan   Proposed  
Uzbekistan Water Resources Management Loan   Proposed  
Viet Nam Second GMS Southern Coastal Corridor Project (Additional Financing) Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Project Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Promoting Economic Diversification Program II   Proposed  
Georgia Secondary Road Improvement Project Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Jalalpur Irrigation Project Loan   Proposed  
Uzbekistan MFF - Third CAREC Corridor 2 Road Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
India Climate Adaptation through Sub-basin Development (Facility) Loan   Proposed  
Tajikistan Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project (formerly Power Sector Development) Grant   Proposed