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Results 201-225 of 258 for Proposed
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Regional Trans Borneo Power Grid: Sarawak to West Kalimantan Transmission Link (Malaysia) Private Sector Loan and Equity   Proposed  
India Climate Adaptation through Sub-basin Development (Facility) Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Improving Energy Efficiency, Emission Control, and Compliance Management of the Manufacturing Industry TA   Proposed  
Pakistan Public Sector Enterprise Reforms Project Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Guangxi Baise Vocational Education Development Project Loan   Proposed  
India Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
Sri Lanka Wastewater Management Improvement in Colombo Municipal Council TA   Proposed  
Philippines Strengthening Treasury Operations and Capital Market Reform TA   Proposed  
India Madhya Pradesh District Connectivity Sector Project Loan   Proposed  
Mongolia Energy Efficiency and Urban Environment Improvement Loan   Proposed  
Kyrgyz Republic Second Investment Climate Improvement Program TA   Proposed  
Viet Nam Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City Power Grid Development Sector Project (formerly Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City Power Transmission Development Sector Project) Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
Maldives Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development Project Grant   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Qinghai Haidong Urban-Rural Environment Comprehensive Improvement Project TA   Proposed  
Georgia Strengthening Domestic Resource Mobilization TA   Proposed  
Tajikistan Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project (formerly Power Sector Development) Grant   Proposed  
Bangladesh South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Railway Connectivity: Akhaura-Laksam Double Track Project
Sri Lanka Integrated Road Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
China, People's Republic of Henan Value Chain and Products Safety Demonstration Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Cluster TA for Knowledge for Solutions TA   Proposed  
Lao People's Democratic Republic Greater Mekong Subregion Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project Loan   Proposed  
Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability Grant   Proposed  
India Jharkhand State Road Improvement Project
Sri Lanka Integrated Road Investment Program-Tranche 1 Loan   Proposed