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Results 201-225 of 277 for Proposed
Country Project Name Types of Assistance Approval Number/s Status Approval Date
Cambodia Capacity Building for Strengthening Resettlement and Income Restoration Implementation TA   Proposed  
Pakistan Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program - Tranche 4 Loan   Proposed  
Indonesia Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program - PFR2 Loan   Proposed  
Regional CAREC South-South Knowledge Cooperation TA   Proposed  
Indonesia Tax Revenue Administration Modernization and Policy Improvement in TA   Proposed  
Kazakhstan Enhancing Insurance Market Efficiency and Outreach TA   Proposed  
Bhutan Second Green Power Development Project
Regional Strengthening Financial Management in Asia and the Pacific TA   Proposed  
Mongolia Transparency and Efficiency in Public Finance Management TA   Proposed  
Georgia Urban Services Improvement Investment Program-Tranche 4 Loan   Proposed  
Uzbekistan Djizzak Sanitation System Development Project Loan   Proposed  
India Assam Power Sector Enhancement Investment Program - Tranche 4 Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan Improving Border Services Project Loan   Proposed  
Regional Trans Borneo Power Grid: Sarawak to West Kalimantan Transmission Link (Malaysia) Private Sector Loan and Equity   Proposed  
India Orissa Integrated Irrigated Agriculture and Water Management Investment Program - Project 2 Loan   Proposed  
Regional Applying Space-based Technology and Information and Communication Technology to Strengthen Disaster Resilience TA   Proposed  
Regional Harmonizing the Greater Mekong Subregion Power Systems to Facilitate Regional Power Trade TA   Proposed  
Pakistan MFF Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program II Tranche 1 Loan   Proposed  
Pakistan MFF Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program II Loan   Proposed  
Kyrgyz Republic Toktogul Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project
Kyrgyz Republic CAREC Transport Corridor I (Bishkek-Torugart Road) Project 3 (Additional Financing)
Cambodia Third Financial Sector Program - Subprogram 3 Loan   Proposed  
Cambodia Second Road Asset Management Project TA   Proposed  
Malaysia Support for Integrating Regional Connectivity Into the National Development Agenda TA   Proposed