Success Stories

An ADB-supported program in the remote northwestern region of Cambodia is supporting victims of domestic violence by helping promote respect for women’s rights.

This waterway rehabilitation project in the People's Republic of China not only restored the quality of water and improved public health, but also created a clean, green space for the community to enjoy.

ADB has helped restore basic services and livelihoods in war-torn parts of north-east Sri Lanka.

An expanded and improved power supply has increased investment and improved public services.

An ADB-supported project is easing business procedures in Pacific island countries following a successful pilot program in the Solomon Islands.

An ADB-supported program is helping Mongolia identify and assist the poorest people in the country.

An ADB-supported project in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is bringing clean water and modern toilets to rural communities.

An ADB-supported project in Indonesia is helping people get the skills needed to find good-paying jobs.

A sustainable livelihood project in Pakistan is boosting poor farmers’ income and protecting their land from erosion.

An ADB-supported project helped improve roads that connect many vulnerable and isolated communities in India.