Success Stories

  • March 2010

    Kyrgyz Republic: Preparing Students for a Modern Economy

    Panfilov village, Kyrgyz Republic - Gulnaz Emilbekova is a grade 10 public school student who hopes to become an airport dispatcher - someone who communicates with flight crews about safety regulations, weather conditions, and flight plans. To do that, she needs to achieve a certain competency in English. "I used to learn English from books, but never heard it in real life," says Gulnaz, who lives in the northern part of the Kyrgyz Republic, near Kazakhstan. "We don't have foreigners in our village."
  • March 2010

    Women Learn to Earn in Rural Cambodia

    For many women across Cambodia, every day is a struggle for income. But at new women's development centers, they are learning how to make more money. Leang Dey, Cambodia - Thav Heat's home looks idyllic. Her stilted, wooden house looks out onto verdant rice paddies. Oxen lumber past, heavily laden carts trundling behind as they make their way down the tree-lined, red dirt road.
  • January 2010

    Credit, Knowledge, Infrastructure - A Winning Mix

    A project in rural Bangladesh provides farmers with training, data, and price information to help them maximize returns and increase the quality of produce. Niyamatpur Village, Bangladesh - Spinach, mangoes, ginger, and a vast array of other vegetables, fruits, and spices are turning around the lives of tens of thousands of small-scale farmers and their families in northwestern Bangladesh.
  • December 2009

    An Innovative Project Raises Health Standards in Bangladesh

    Local governments and NGOs come together to fight maternal and child mortality in Bangladesh.
  • May 2009

    Empowering Communities

    Beyond the obvious impact of infrastructure, the ADB project gives a sense of empowerment to villagers It was Sunday afternoon and the children had just finished Koran lessons at the local mosque in Geger village. Two boys quickly ran across the mosque's gleaming tiles and headed to the washing area where they cleansed their faces, hands, and feet under cool running tap water in preparation for prayers. The act seemed simple enough, but it was one that had not always been possible.
  • May 2009

    Farmers Reap Rewards

    A reliable source of irrigated water has helped farmers raise the living standards of their families. The life of a rice farmer in Indonesia is one of backbreaking routine. Early mornings, long grueling days in the equatorial sun, and a meager income are but a few of the hardships endured by farmers.
  • May 2009

    Farm-to-Market Road Paves Way to Prosperity

    By providing support for farm-to-market roads, irrigation projects, and microfinance, the project aims to help 400,000 poor households transcend poverty What is the value of a road? For an impoverished family living in relative isolation, a simple dirt and gravel road can mean more food on the table, money for children's education, and better financial security in times of crisis and hardship.
  • May 2009

    Microloans Change Lives in Devastated Nias

    The ADB program extends finance directly to poor families to help them get back on their feet Just 3 months after the Indian Ocean tsunami, a powerful earthquake pounded the Indonesian island of Nias. More than 1,000 people perished and tens of thousands were left homeless.
  • May 2009

    Modern Learning Melds with Tradition

    A unique blend of modern and traditional teaching helps children learn the basics-and more It's another Friday morning, and 16-yearold Chairunnisa "Nisa" Zarkasi and her classmates are gathering in their school's courtyard for the morning assembly. A couple of kids are still lingering in the library surfing the internet, while a group of boys outside is playing a prank on a friend.
  • May 2009

    A New Blueprint: Fusing Cultural Preservation with Disaster Relief

    For 6 months after the earthquake, there were no homes, almost no food, and many aftershocks that left residents fearful When one of the most powerful earthquakes of the past century rocked the Indonesian island of Nias in March 2005, Maeli Dakhi was initially relieved that he and his family had survived.