Success Stories

In remote Assam State, in northeastern India, irregular and inadequate power supply has held back even low-tech primary industries, such as silk. Finally, that is starting to change.

In India’s fast-growing Madhya Pradesh State, sanitation and sewerage initiatives, along with refurbishments to aging water treatment plants, are making way for urban development.

Tajikistan’s mountainous terrain and climatic extremes mean flooding is common but flood prevention infrastructure is helping provide a more secure base for rural livelihoods.

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where poverty levels are among the highest in the country, new all-weather roads connect rural people to healthcare, and to the broader economy.

An innovative project is improving the safety and efficiency of domestic maritime services, spurring rural development in Solomon Islands, and shaping up to be a model for similar projects in the Pacific region.

A hydropower energy project in Central Viet Nam has disrupted the lives of an isolated ethnic minority, but offers better health care and educational opportunities for a bright future.

Though the Song Bung 4 hydropower dam and energy project relocated Co Tu minority in Viet Nam’s central region, it also offered new income opportunities and empowered local women.

An urban water and sewerage system project in the Indian state of Karnataka is improving people’s health and making cities like Mangalore more livable.

In Tajikistan, a new bridge across the Surhob River is connecting once-isolated villages to the amenities of town, saving lives in medical emergencies, and providing a much-needed shot in the arm for small businesses.

Three women share how their lives have been changed as beneficiaries of and contributors to the success of development projects aimed at the most vulnerable in society.