Success Stories

A community-based early childhood development project has helped improve women's and children's health in rural communities of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For many poor girls and their families in rural and remote areas of Nepal, a secondary education support project has put them on the right path to realizing their "dreams of a better future".

Bringing potable water and better sanitation to rural communities in Uzbekistan improves people's lives and empowers women to take charge of their lives.

The Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008 shook mountainous Southwest People’s Republic of China so hard that some areas are still recovering, but a government effort assisted by ADB and other international organizations is rebuilding roads and communities.

After years of war, Sri Lanka's first expressway, from the national capital to a historic tourist center in the south, is hastening the country's return to normality through a boom in business.

More than 100 subprojects in the People’s Republic of China’s Fujian Province reunite families separated by distant work, and bridge the income gap by promoting information, cooperation, and infrastructure for a wide range of businesses.

A regular supply of clean, potable water is making all the difference to a town in eastern Sri Lanka still recovering from the recently ended civil war.

Guangdong Province in the south of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is proving a fertile testing ground for efficient and environmentally friendly power alternatives to the fossil fuels behind its extraordinary economic growth, grim pollution, and increasingly severe energy shortages.

A community-based program to revive fresh-water fishing in rural Sri Lanka has helped the poor achieve self-sufficiency, while providing them with useful skills and knowledge-based training.

In the People's Republic of China, a four-lane expressway - half of it bridges and tunnels - through one of the most biodiverse regions in the world is facilitating trade and raising incomes for farmers.