Success Stories

In the People's Republic of China, a four-lane expressway - half of it bridges and tunnels - through one of the most biodiverse regions in the world is facilitating trade and raising incomes for farmers.

In a remote minority region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), all-female maintenance crews are doing more than keeping the roads in order—they are banding together and taking on bigger roles in their communities.

The Indonesia archipelago is home to the world’s most spectacular and biologically diverse coral reefs. ADB is working to preserve the reefs, and the fish (and people) that depend on them for survival.

Aligning the course work at Indonesia’s vocational schools with the needs of industry is resulting in better job opportunities for students.

A district in Central Java has made itself a model of bureaucratic reform, employing training courses and e-government to vastly improve the efficiency and inclusiveness of public services.

Postsecondary education and skills training programs are helping to put Maldivians back in control of their own future.

Round-the-clock electricity in the Maldives can be both a lifesaver and life-changer on remote islands, where until recently it only occasionally lit up the evenings.

A port project in the Maldives is providing a boost to the economy, and even helping turn unsightly trash into cash.

In a massive ecological preservation project, ADB is joining forces with PRC authorities to protect the Sanjiang Plain wetlands, home to some of the country’s richest biodiversity.

Technology that can turn animal waste into gas is changing daily life for the better in rural PRC.