Success Stories

Very poor families receive cash to send their children to school and access healthcare in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.

An agribusiness support initiative has enabled fruit growers to get international quality certification, providing access to lucrative new markets and boosting incomes for farmers.

Self-help groups help rural Nepali women lease land and grow high value vegetables when rice fields are fallow. Now families can earn income between rice seasons.

Lashed by rain, the Solomon Islands are rolling out a 'climate-proof' transportation infrastructure that will facilitate local trade and provide long-term construction and maintenance employment.

A project in Cambodia is helping some of the country's poorest women and families put food on the table, and is building better emergency response systems.

A project supporting Indonesia's vocational and technical education system helps students from low-income families achieve their career goals.

A comprehensive approach to agricultural reforms is helping landowners hold onto property and generate incomes close to home.

Cambodia's largest ever relocation program is a challenging operation that is starting to deliver on its promise of a better life for affected people.

An ADB-supported project in Lao PDR helps keep mothers and babies safe and healthy during childbirth.

An ADB-supported education project has been getting some of the poorest children in Lao PDR back into the classroom—and for longer.