ADB Climate Change Programs: Facilitating Integrated Solutions in Asia and the Pacific

Date: November 2011
Type: Brochures and Flyers


Over the past decade, Asia and the Pacific has made significant progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. However, accelerating climate change is threatening to reverse these gains, and those who are already economically and socially vulnerable are likely to suffer soonest and most. To enable member countries cope with the inevitable impacts already locked into the climate system, as well as to transition them to low-carbon economies, ADB is working with urgency to put in place integrated solutions that will address both the causes and consequences of climate change in the region.

In 2009 to August 2011, ADB’s climate change-related interventions span a total of more than 110 projects, involving an investment of about $10 billion. During the same period, ADB has also provided more than $245 million in technical assistance to improve knowledge and capacities, support policy and institutional development, and ensure the feasibility of investments related to climate change.


  • Message from the President
  • Climate Change—the Cause
  • Climate Change—the Impact on Asia and the Pacific
  • The Case for Action in Asia and the Pacific
  • ADB’s Priorities for Action
  • ADB in Action
  • Expanding the Use of Clean Energy
  • Encouraging Sustainable Transport and Urban Development
  • Managing Land Use and Forests for Carbon Sequestration
  • Promoting Climate-Resilient Development
  • Strengthening Policies, Governance, and Capacities
  • Modalities
  • Looking Ahead
  • Bibliography