ADB-Mongolia Partnership: Building a Better Tomorrow

Publication | December 2011

The partnership of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with Mongolia began in 1991, when the country was making the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy. ADB was among the first international financial organizations to start operations in Mongolia. Through the years, ADB's work in critical areas has led to lasting change in the lives of the people of Mongolia. As of 2011, ADB was Mongolia's largest multilateral partner, with a broad-based portfolio that continues to expand with the country's needs.

As Mongolia approaches mid-income level, ADB commits to build on its successes to establish a strong foundation for growth for the country. ADB expects to play a catalytic role by bringing in new financing; creating an enabling environment for private sector participation; and addressing policy, regulatory, and capacity constraints. To achieve this vision, ADB has defined its priority work areas to include infrastructure, regional cooperation, and education, which closely intersect with the Government of Mongolia's priorities and strategies. As these are pursued, ADB will ensure that regional cooperation, environmental sustainability, and gender equality are mainstreamed into its operations.


  • Foreword
  • Message from Haruhiko Kuroda, President of the Asian Development Bank
  • Message from S. Bayartsogt, Governor for Mongolia in the Asian Development Bank
  • Building on Successes for a Richer Tomorrow
  • Education: Building High-Quality Human Capital
  • Health: Providing Affordable and Good Quality Health Care for All
  • Urban Development: Enhancing a Sustainable Quality of Life
  • Transport: Driving the Engines of Growth
  • Private Sector Development: Harnessing Resources for Human Development
  • Regional Cooperation: From Landlocked to Land-Linked
  • Looking Ahead: Setting Key Priorities