ADB Sustainable Inland Waterway Transport International Workshop Proceedings

Date: September 2012
Type: Conference Proceedings


Inland waterway transport (IWT) is a low-cost, environmentally friendly way of transporting people and goods but countries in the Asia and the Pacific region have yet to realize its full potential. Many Asian Development Bank (ADB) developing member countries (DMCs) have networks of rivers and canals that can support IWT. However, until now this potential has remained underdeveloped. Often national policies for transport have paid too little attention to IWT compared with other transport modes, and there has not been enough investment in IWT infrastructure and services. More attention needs to be given to strengthening policies, institutions and investment programs to support the development of IWT.

Drawing in particular on the successful examples of IWT in the People’s Republic of China, an international workshop was arranged to provide a forum for ADB developing member countries to share experiences on how to realize the potential of IWT.

The workshop was part of ADB’s Sustainable Transport Initiative which is providing increased lending and technical assistance for developing transport systems that are accessible, affordable, environment-friendly and safe.


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