ALGAS Bangladesh

Date: October 1998
Type: Books
Series: Asia Least-cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy (ALGAS)
ISBN: 971-561-186-9 (print)
Price: Hardcopy price: $35.00


This series of 11 country reports and a summary report are based on the Study of Least-Cost Greenhouse Abatement for Asia (ALGAS), the largest technical assistance project ever undertaken by ADB.

Each country report presents

  • the country findings and conclusions, including the national inventories of greenhouse gas (GHG) sources and sinks for 1990 and projections for 2020
  • least-cost abatement strategies
  • national GHG abatement action plans
  • a portfolio of technical assistance and GHG abatement investment projects


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction and Background
  • Energy Sector Assessment
  • Forestry and Land-use Change Sector Assessment
  • Agriculture Sector Assessment
  • National Least-cost GHGs Abatement Strategy
  • Portfolio of Least-cost GHGs Abatement Strategy
  • National GHGs Abatement Action Plan
  • Recommendations and Future Actions