ASEAN 2030: Toward a Borderless Economic Community

Date: July 2014
Type: Books
ISBN: 978-4-89974-051-3 (print), 978-4-89974-052-0 (web)


This book investigates long-term development issues for members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It finds that with a proper policy mix including domestic structural reforms and bold initiatives for regional integration, by 2030 ASEAN has the potential to reach the average quality of life enjoyed today in advanced economies and fulfill its aspirations to become a resilient, inclusive, competitive, and harmonious (RICH) region.

Key challenges moving forward are to enhance macroeconomic and financial stability, support equitable growth, promote competitiveness and innovation, and protect the environment. Overcoming these challenges to build a truly borderless economic region implies eliminating remaining barriers to the flow of goods, services, and production factors, and strengthening competitiveness and the institutional framework, while updating some governing principles. But ASEAN should not copy the European Union. It must maintain its flexibility and pragmatism, without creating a fat regional bureaucracy.

The study's main message is that through closer integration, ASEAN can form a partnership for shared prosperity, regionally and globally.


  • About the Study
  • Executive Summary
  • ASEAN Today
  • Aspirations for a “RICH” ASEAN
  • Key 2030 Challenges
  • Enabling Factors
  • Institutional Architecture
  • Policy Options
  • Bibliography