Asia Economic Monitor - July 2010

Date: July 2010
Type: Reports
Series: Asian Economic Integration Monitor
ISBN: 978-92-9092-067-0 (print)


The Asia Economic Monitor is a semiannual review of emerging East Asia's growth and policy issues. It covers the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; Republic of Korea; and Taipei,China. With emerging East Asia’s V-shaped recovery on track, it is now time to unwind the policy stimulus that helped power the solid domestic demand that kept growth strong. The sustainability of the recovery will depend heavily on the timing, policy mix, and pace at which economic stimulus is withdrawn.


  • Emerging East Asia—A Regional Economic Update
  • Highlights
  • Recent Economic Performance
    • Growth and Inflation
    • Balance of Payments
    • Financial Markets and Exchange Rates
    • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
    • Financial Vulnerability
  • Economic Outlook for 2010, Risks and Policy Issues
    • External Economic Environment
    • Regional Economic Outlook for 2010
    • Risks to the Outlook
    • Policy Issues
  • Unwinding Policy Stimulus: Options for Emerging East Asia
    • Why unwind?
    • When should unwinding begin?
    • What’s the best policy mix?
    • How fast to unwind stimulus?
    • What should policymakers do?