Asian Development Outlook 2000: The Social Challenge in Asia

Date: April 2000
Type: Books
Series: Asian Development Outlook
ISBN: 0-19-592533-5 (print)
ISSN: 0117-0481 (print)
Price: Hardcopy price: $36.00


The Asian Development Outlook 2000 is the Asian Development Bank's annual survey of economic developments in its developing member countries in the Asian and Pacific region. This year, the Outlook looks at the social challenge facing developing Asia as it enters the new millennium: improving the quality of life of the hundreds of millions who still live in abject poverty. It reviews the record of social progress so far, and analyzes the various dimensions of the social challenge and the policies necessary to confront it. The Outlook also examines the problem of corporate and financial sector restructuring that has bedeviled economies affected by the Asian financial crisis. It provides an in-depth analysis of the reform agenda, the progress achieved so far, and the prospects for future reform.

The Asian Development Outlook 2000 also features:

  • An assessment of global economic trends and recent performance and prospects in the developing economies of the Asian and Pacific region
  • Profiles of the ADB's developing member countries, including growth, saving and investment; employment; inflation; trade and balance of payments; and economic management and development policy issues
  • A statistical appendix containing major economic indicators of the ADB's developing member countries, including historical trends and projections.