Asian Development Review - Volume 26, Number 1

Date: June 2009
Type: Serials
Series: Asian Development Review


In this issue:

  • ADB Distinguished Speakers Program: Achieving Global Cooperation on Economic Recovery and Long-Term Sustainable Development - Jeffrey D. Sachs
  • Symposia on the Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences of Global Imbalances: Perspective from Developing Asia - Charles Adams and Donghyun Park
  • Symposia on the Global Financial Crisis: Trade Structure and the Transmission of Economic Distress in the High-Income OECD Countries to Developing Asia - Juthathip Jongwanich, William E. James, Peter J. Minor, and Alexander Greenbaum
  • Symposia on the Global Financial Crisis: Asian Trade and Global Linkages - Douglas H. Brooks and Changchun Hua
  • Mother’s Education and Children’s Nutritional Status: New Evidence from Cambodia - Jane E. Miller and Yana V. Rodgers
  • Trademarks and Geographical Indications: Policy Issues and Options in Trade Negotiations and Implementation - Thitapha Wattanapruttipaisan
  • A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the People’s Republic of China - Fan Zhai, Tun Lin, and Enerelt Byambadorj